8 Epic cycling routes worldwide

Epic cycling routes worldwide

“From Coast to Countryside: Epic Cycling Routes worldwide “

Prepare for an extraordinary cycling expedition! This guide reveals the seven premier cycling routes globally, offering not just trails but exceptional adventures. Envision cycling through breathtaking landscapes, with the wind gently caressing your face, and immersing yourself in vibrant cultures. It’s beyond mere locations; it’s about connecting with the pulsating essence of diverse destinations through the sheer joy of cycling.

Whether you favor challenging trails or leisurely rides, this compilation caters to cycling enthusiasts seeking enjoyable journeys. Explore the finest cycling routes worldwide for unforgettable rides and extraordinary experiences!

Epic cycling routes worldwide List

1. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Starting Point: Svolvær, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Ending Point: Å, Lofoten Islands, Norway
Length: Approximately 230 kilometers (143 miles)

The cycling route through the stunning Lofoten Islands in Norway begins in the picturesque town of Svolvær, situated on the island of Austvågøya. From there, cyclists can traverse the archipelago, passing through charming fishing villages, scenic coastal landscapes, and majestic mountainous terrain. The journey concludes in the village of Å, located at the southern tip of the Lofoten Islands, offering cyclists a breathtaking exploration of Norway’s Arctic beauty. The total length of this cycling route is approximately 230 kilometers, providing an immersive and unforgettable experience for cycling enthusiasts.

2. Course des Grandes Alpes, France

Grandes Alpes, France

Starting Point: Lake Geneva (Thonon-les-Bains), France

Ending Point: Mediterranean Sea (Nice), France

Length: Approximately 700 kilometers (435 miles)

The Course des Grandes Alpes is a renowned cycling route in France that traverses the stunning French Alps, taking cyclists from the shores of Lake Geneva in Thonon-les-Bains to the Mediterranean Sea in Nice. Spanning approximately 700 kilometers, this challenging and scenic route leads cyclists through picturesque mountain passes, charming alpine villages, and breathtaking landscapes, showcasing the diverse beauty of the French Alps. The journey captures the essence of the Alps and offers cyclists a memorable experience of France’s natural wonders.

3. Shimanami Kaido, Japan

Course des Grandes Alpes, France

Cycling Route: Shimanami Kaido, Japan

Starting Point: Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Ending Point: Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

Total Length: Approximately 70 kilometers (43.5 miles)


The Shimanami Kaido is a breathtaking cycling route that spans the Seto Inland Sea, connecting the islands of Honshu and Shikoku in Japan. Cyclists embark on a journey that takes them through picturesque landscapes, over awe-inspiring bridges, and past charming coastal towns. The route is well-known for its dedicated cycling paths, making it accessible and enjoyable for riders of all levels.

Route Highlights:

  1. Onomichi City: The journey begins in Onomichi, a historic town known for its temple-lined slopes and nostalgic atmosphere. Cyclists can explore the scenic Onomichi Alleyways and enjoy local delicacies before starting the ride.
  2. Seto Inland Sea Bridges: The Shimanami Kaido boasts several iconic bridges, including the Kurushima-Kaikyō Bridge, Innoshima Bridge, and the Tatara Bridge. These engineering marvels offer stunning panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea and its islands.
  3. Innoshima Island: Cyclists have the option to explore Innoshima Island, known for its beautiful cycling paths, the Innoshima Flower Center, and the fascinating Innoshima Suigun Castle.
  4. Ikuchijima Island: This island features the famous Kosanji Temple, a complex that replicates historical Japanese buildings and art. The meticulously designed gardens and intricate architecture make it a worthwhile stop.
  5. Omishima Island: Home to the Omishima Cycling Terminal, this island provides cyclists with a place to rest, refuel, and enjoy local cuisine. The Oyamazumi Shrine, a sacred Shinto site, is also located on this island.
  6. Imabari City: The final destination of the Shimanami Kaido. Imabari offers a rewarding end to the journey, with its historic castle, hot springs, and the sense of accomplishment for completing this memorable cycling adventure.

The Shimanami Kaido promises an unforgettable cycling adventure, combining natural beauty, cultural exploration, and the joy of riding along one of Japan’s most iconic routes.

4. The Nursery Course, South Africa

Starting Point: The Nursery Course, South Africa

Ending Point: The Nursery Course, South Africa

Length: Varies

The Nursery Course, situated in the picturesque landscapes of South Africa, offers cyclists a diverse and challenging route that showcases the region’s natural beauty. The starting point for this cycling route is at the entrance of The Nursery Course, where cyclists can embark on their journey through a well-maintained trail system.

As riders set off, they will encounter a mix of terrains, including winding paths through lush greenery, open stretches with panoramic views, and challenging ascents and descents that provide an exhilarating experience. The route caters to cyclists of various skill levels, offering both novices and seasoned riders an opportunity to enjoy the scenic wonders of South Africa.

he ending point of the cycling route is back at The Nursery Course, providing a sense of accomplishment for cyclists who have completed the journey. After the ride, cyclists can relax and unwind in the tranquil surroundings, enjoying the amenities and hospitality offered at The Nursery Course.

5. The Parenzana, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

Covering a distance of 123 kilometers, the route between Trieste, Italy, and Poreč, Croatia, offers a delightful journey through the scenic landscapes of the Adriatic region. The adventure commences in the charming city of Trieste, known for its rich history and cultural heritage. From there, travelers embark on a picturesque odyssey, winding their way towards the coastal beauty of Poreč, Croatia.

This route is well-suited for a leisurely exploration, typically taking one to two days to complete. It provides ample time to savor the diverse landscapes, sample the local cuisine, and immerse oneself in the rich culture that defines this cross-border region. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply seeking a relaxing coastal escape, this journey promises a memorable experience in the heart of Europe’s Adriatic charm.

This is one of the more limited courses on our rundown and, similar to the Capitals Course, is great for anybody considering getting into longer rides. You go through three nations too — Italy, Slovenia and Croatia — so that is a decent box to tick. The going is simple too, as the course follows that of a previous tight check rail line, and trains could do without slopes.

Short-ish however the course is, you’ll get a great deal of landscape for your cash. You’re never distant from an ocean view on one side, and there are far off perspectives on mountains on the other, especially in Slovenia. Aficionados of history, great food and great weather conditions will likewise partake in this course, as you’ll go over relics of the old Austro-Hungarian Domain in the unassuming communities, and the nearby fish is wonderful. You really might split the outing up with short term visits in lovely spots like the archaic port city of Koper, or the wide, languid bayside town of Umag.

6. The-Sun Street, US

Spanning a relatively short distance of 80 kilometers, this captivating route is nestled within Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. Beginning at the picturesque West Glacier and concluding at the breathtaking Logans Pass, both located within the scenic expanse of Glacier National Park, this journey offers a remarkable opportunity to immerse oneself in the park’s natural beauty.

The completion time for this route is open-ended, allowing travelers to savor the pristine landscapes, explore hiking trails, and encounter the park’s diverse wildlife at their own pace. With awe-inspiring vistas and the tranquility of nature, this route promises an immersive experience within the stunning wilderness of Montana’s Glacier National Park.

An enticing thought, this one, in spite of the fact that there are surprisingly contemplations. Going-to-the-Sun Street is found completely inside Ice sheet Public Park, and is the main street in the US that is both a Public Structural Designing Milestone and a Public Memorable Milestone, so it’s a prestigious piece of development. Around mountainsides and past sheer drops, the course is by and large cycled west to east, and includes a fair plan of getting over. Your prize is Logans Pass, a lovely glade of wildflowers, encompassed by mountains, fresh air and (ideally) blue skies.

Its excellence, be that as it may, brings issues, primarily with exactly the way in which well known it is. It’s plainly better to do the course in summer, as the winters are weighty with snowfall and the course can just be closed, however in the mid year months the street can be occupied with vehicles (the recreation area site itself unfavorably cautions individuals that “Main those competent at riding with weighty vehicle traffic in two headings ought to consider bicycling on Heading to-the-Sun Street during top summer season”), and you’ll likewise need to pay $20 to enter the recreation area in any case.

Nonetheless, notwithstanding all that, this is a ride that can be both fulfilling and delightful, with the opportunity to expand your outing utilizing the explorer/biker camping areas specked around the recreation area.

7. Tasmania’s west coast, Australia

In the heart of Tasmania, Australia, lies a hidden gem that many have yet to discover. Spanning approximately 800 kilometers, this captivating journey begins in Hobart and winds its way up to Launceston, traversing some of the most remote and unexplored parts of the island. Along this route, there are woods and pools that have remained untouched and unseen by many.

To truly appreciate the natural beauty and serenity of this region, travelers typically spend 14 to 20 days on this immersive adventure. It offers a rare opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, immerse oneself in pristine landscapes, and uncover the hidden treasures of Tasmania’s wilderness, making it a truly remarkable experience for those seeking a deeper connection with nature.

A serious test, this one, with Tasmania’s western side universes from the ocean side lined, loosened up east coast. Starting in Hobart and traveling west, you walk out on progress and head into the mountains of the Southwest and Franklin-Gordon Wild Streams Public Parks. Passing tremendous lakes and through backwoods that have scarcely felt the dash of a human hand, not to mention the wheel of a trail blazing bicycle, you’ll turn north on a previous rail line through the rainforest to the Montezuma cascades, the most elevated in Tasmania.

East now, and you’ll pass underneath the worn out pinnacle of Support Mountain, skirt the wetlands of the Focal Level, and gradually travel north to your completing point in Launceston. What’s more, it’s not only the landscape that is a test here, it’s the climate. The environment in this piece of Tasmania can be extreme, with twists whipping off the sea and temperatures fluctuating more fiercely than in the calm east. The entire situation is a genuine test, however you will get to see probably the most astonishing landscape in the southern side of the equator.

8. Through Francigena, the UK, France and Italy

Covering an extensive distance of 1,800 kilometers, this remarkable journey invites travelers to embark on an epic expedition from Canterbury, Britain, UK, to the historic city of Rome, Italy. This transcontinental adventure is a testament to the rich tapestry of European culture and history, offering a deep dive into the heart of the continent.

The completion of this extraordinary route typically takes between 15 to 20 days, allowing ample time to explore the diverse landscapes, iconic landmarks, and the vibrant heritage of the regions it traverses. From the quaint charm of the British countryside to the eternal allure of Rome, this journey promises an unforgettable experience, immersing travelers in the captivating stories and beauty of Europe.

A journey course this time, and one that something like 1,000 individuals require every year (rather than additional notable courses like the Camino de Santiago). The path starts in Canterbury, the popular house of God city in the south of Britain, and was required at first in the year 990 by Ecclesiastical overseer Sigeric, who had been called to Rome to gather his authority badge of office. Supportively, he recorded each and every spot he halted at, and these now illuminate the course.

When you’re across the water, the course starts vigorously. The level, agreeable domain of northern France gradually gives way to greater difficulties; know that you must cross the Alps via the 2,469-meter-high Holy person Bernard Pass, and the likewise not-deficient Apennines at the 1,041-meter Passo della Cisa. You’ll likewise need to endeavor to burn through Rome, which may be the greatest test of all!

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Cycling Benefits

Cycling offers a wide range of physical, mental, and environmental benefits. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Cardiovascular Health: Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that strengthens the heart and improves overall cardiovascular health. It helps reduce the risk of heart diseases and lowers blood pressure.
  2. Weight Management: Regular cycling can contribute to weight loss and weight management by burning calories and increasing metabolism. It’s an effective way to maintain a healthy body weight.
  3. Muscle Tone and Strength: Cycling engages various muscle groups, including the legs, thighs, calves, and core. It helps tone and strengthen muscles, leading to improved overall fitness.
  4. Joint Mobility: Unlike high-impact activities, cycling is a low-impact exercise that is gentle on the joints. It promotes joint mobility and reduces the risk of joint-related issues.
  5. Mental Well-being: Cycling has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The physical activity releases endorphins, which contribute to a positive mood and improved mental well-being.
  6. Improved Sleep: Regular physical activity like cycling can enhance the quality of sleep. It helps regulate sleep patterns and promotes a more restful night’s sleep.
  7. Environmental Benefits: Choosing cycling over motorized transportation reduces carbon footprint and helps protect the environment. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.
  8. Increased Stamina and Endurance: Cycling regularly can improve stamina and endurance levels. As you gradually increase the intensity and duration of your rides, your overall fitness and endurance will improve.
  9. Joint Disease Prevention: Cycling may help prevent joint diseases such as arthritis by promoting joint flexibility and reducing inflammation.
  10. Social Interaction: Cycling can be a social activity when done in groups or with friends. It provides opportunities for social interaction, making it a more enjoyable and sustainable form of exercise.
  11. Cost-Effective and Convenient: Compared to some other forms of exercise or transportation, cycling is relatively inexpensive. Once you have a bike, there are minimal ongoing costs, and it can be a convenient mode of transportation for short distances.
  12. Fun and Enjoyable: Cycling is not just a form of exercise; it can be a fun and enjoyable activity. Whether you’re exploring scenic routes, commuting, or participating in group rides, cycling offers a sense of adventure and enjoyment.

Incorporating cycling into your routine can have numerous positive effects on both physical and mental health, making it a versatile and accessible activity for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Epic cycling routes are more than just paths; they are invitations to adventure, opportunities to challenge yourself, and chances to connect with the world around you. Whether you prefer coastal roads, mountainous terrain, or historical journeys, there’s an epic cycling route waiting for you. So, grab your bike, gear up, and get ready to pedal your way through some of the most breathtaking and unforgettable landscapes worldwide. Happy cycling!


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