Best Places to Travel in March

Best Places to Travel in March

Top/Best Places to Travel in March: Top Destinations for a Mesmerizing Travel Experience

Best Places to Travel in March

The gradual progression towards March carries a momentous feel. Finally arriving at lighter days, you can stow away your thermals, exhale an optimistic sigh of relief, and mark the occasion with a well-deserved getaway. With schools in session, it’s an opportune time for an adults-only escape, and the changing season unveils enticing deals. The question arises: where to go on holiday in March?

Skiing remains an option, beach escapes are in their shoulder season from the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean, and much of Europe is gradually thawing. For further inspiration, explore our recommendations for the best places to visit in March.

1.Rome, Italy

  • Temperature in March: High 17°C, Low 6°C
  • Season: Spring
  • Travel time from the UK: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Time difference: GMT +1
Rome, Italy

Rome, the ultimate European city break, beckons history buffs, food enthusiasts, and Italophiles. March, with its breezy spring days, is ideal for exploring attractions like the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum. Navigate leafy parks, savor Rome’s best pizza, and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history. Plan wisely to avoid crowds and closures, especially if Easter falls in March.

Best Stay Options:

  • Cardo Roma (Autograph Collection Hotel): Opening in early 2024, offering modern design and wellness facilities.
  • Palm Suites: A fashionable option near the Colosseum.
  • Airbnb Apartment: A convenient choice for groups.

2.Madrid, Spain

  • Temperature in March: High 16°C, Low 6°C
  • Season: Spring
  • Travel time from the UK: 2 hours 25 minutes
  • Time difference: GMT +1
Madrid, Spain

Madrid sheds its winter skin in March, welcoming warmth as the city comes to life. Expansive parks bloom, and locals spill onto the streets to enjoy caipirinhas and dance till dawn. With temperatures around 20°C, explore galleries, mansions, and boutiques comfortably. Indulge in traditional tapas or discover stylish gastro bars for a contemporary culinary experience.

Best Stay Options:

  • 7 Islas: A family-owned establishment, part hotel, part gallery, with polished concrete floors and whitewashed walls.
  • The Principal Madrid Hotel: Offers a rooftop terrace with views of the city’s famous Metrópolis building.
  • Airbnb Apartment: A spacious option for groups within walking distance of top attractions.

3. Chamonix, France

  • Temperature in March: High 6°C, Low 1°C
  • Season: Winter
  • Travel time from the UK: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Time difference: GMT +1
 Chamonix, France

Nestled on a mountainside below Mont Blanc, the ski resort town of Chamonix exudes storybook charm. By March, avid skiers have moved on, making way for warmer weather, ideal for al fresco lunches. Experience the last traces of winter snow with accommodation options ranging from romantic Airbnbs to stylish ski hotels like Retro Americana RockyPop.

Best Stay Options:

  • Retro Americana RockyPop: A budget-friendly option with lively communal areas and an in-house ski rental shop.
  • Studio Grace (Airbnb): A self-contained apartment with a private outdoor terrace, connected to a larger chalet.

4.Southeast Sicily, Italy

  • Temperature in March: High 18°C, Low 9°C
  • Season: Spring
  • Travel time from the UK: 3 hours
  • Time difference: GMT +1
Southeast Sicily, Italy

For the warmest place in Italy in March, head to southeast Sicily. With Europe’s sunniest city in modern Catania and its hottest spot in ancient Syracuse, the island offers eight hours of daily sunshine in a temperate Mediterranean spring climate. Explore the baroque cities of Modica, Ragusa, and Noto, and on warmer days, visit the quiet beaches of Vendicari Nature Reserve with diverse birdlife returning from Africa in spring.

Best Stay Options:

  • Consider Hotel Gutowski in Ortigia for an artful, welcoming, and excellent value stay.
  • For a heart-stirringly romantic experience, choose Monaci delle Terre Nere on the slopes of Etna outside Catania.


  • Temperature in March: High 29°C, Low 23°C
  • Season: Spring
  • Travel time from the UK: 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Time difference: GMT +3

Oman, with its natural and understated beauty, stands in stark contrast to its neighboring UAE. Even the port capital, Muscat, maintains its elegance against a backdrop of craggy brown mountains and the majestic Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. March, positioning itself between the winter rush and stifling summer heat, is the perfect time to explore this unsung jewel of the Middle East.

Best Stay Options:

  • Top recommendations include Six Senses Zighy Bay, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, and The Chedi in Muscat.

6.Delhi, India

  • Temperature: High 30°C, Low 16°C
  • Season: Spring
  • Travel time from the UK: 9 hours 20 minutes
  • Time difference: GMT +4.30
Delhi, India

Experience the vibrant festival of colors, Holi, at its best in India’s capital, Delhi, in March. The city comes alive with colorful powder, Holi parties, DJs, street food, and festive celebrations. After cleansing showers, explore the city’s dichotomies, from grand temples and bustling bazaars in Old Delhi to New Delhi’s colonial elegance and sophisticated experiences.

Best Stay Options:

  • The Leela Palace: A modern, opulent establishment made of white marble with soaring ceilings and a rooftop pool, offering a luxurious stay.

7.South Africa

  • Temperature in March: High 27°C, Low 21°C
  • Season: Dry
  • Travel time from the UK: 10 hours 45 minutes
  • Time difference: GMT +1
South Africa

For a thrilling safari adventure, head to the southern tip of Africa. South Africa boasts 19 national parks, and the tail-end of the wet season means fewer tour groups and lower costs. Witness the big five in Kruger National Park or explore the lush Garden Route for horse back game tracking. Alternatively, for a safari closer to Cape Town, Little Karoo is an excellent choice. After your adventure, unwind at one of Cape Town’s finest hotels, as the city is at its best in March, with fewer visitors and abundant sunshine.

Best Stay Options:

  • One standout option is the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, a private and carbon-negative reserve just south of Cape Town. The lodges boast contemporary design, and most of the food is sourced from the 2,500-hectare site.

8.Canary Islands, Spain

  • Temperature in March: High 21°C, Low 15°C
  • Season: Spring
  • Travel time from the UK: 4 hours 6 minutes
  • Time difference: GMT +0
Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands, a collection of Spain’s picturesque golden islands located off the coast of North Africa, are particularly enchanting in early spring. With longer and sunnier days, and without the peak-season crowds, the islands offer an ideal escape. Lanzarote beckons with its beautiful beaches, vibrant surf scene, and exceptional accommodations. Meanwhile, Tenerife surprises with its lunar landscapes, and a tour across the lesser-known Canaries reveals the charm of places like Santa Cruz de la Palma, La Gomera, and Fuencaliente. For detailed trip planning, refer to our guide highlighting the best Canary Islands to visit.

Best Stay Options:

  • Opt for a unique experience by booking a stay at the still-functioning 18th-century lighthouse, Faro Punta Cumplida, nestled on the rugged north-east of La Palma. Choosing smaller, locally-owned accommodations, such as the cottages on the family-owned working vineyard Finca Malvasia in Lanzarote or the under-visited seaside village of Garachico in Tenerife, not only benefits the community and the environment but also enhances your holiday experience.

9.Sorrento, Italy

Temperature in March: High of 19°C; Low of 13°C
Season: Spring
Travel time from the UK: 2 hours 35 minutes
Time difference: GMT +1

Sorrento, Italy

Experience the allure of Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast in March, where the dramatic coastal landscape is illuminated by an average of eight hours of daily sunshine. The cliffs gracefully descend into the Tyrrhenian Sea, adorned with majestic palazzos and elegant hotels. The charming Roman lanes are lined with stalls offering the famed limoncello, showcasing Sorrento’s delicious citrus fruits. The ambiance, with its leisurely pace and pastel-colored houses, exudes the essence of Italian cinema, evoking images of a young Sophia Loren adding a touch of allure by the quay.

Embrace the local culture by savoring leisurely and romantic days with a traditional long aperitivo. Indulge in the culinary delights of fresh fritto misto at Marina Grande, the town’s historic fishing harbor, or opt for the Michelin-starred Il Buco, located in the cellars of an ancient monastery. Here, Chef Peppe Aversa crafts dishes using seasonal ingredients beneath a stone-hewn, vaulted ceiling—a true embodiment of the sweet life.

Best stay options:
Maison la Minervetta stands as a five-storey, inverted hotel seamlessly built into the cliff-side overlooking Sorrento’s picturesque Marina Grande. For additional accommodation options in the vicinity, explore our curated selection of the finest Amalfi Coast hotels.

10.Essaouira, Morocco

  • Temperature in March: 20°C high; 14°C low
  • Season: Spring
  • Travel time from the UK: 3 hours 40 minutes (direct)
  • Time difference: GMT +1
Essaouira, Morocco

Located just a brief drive along the coastal road from Marrakech, Essaouira emerges as a charming seaside town, adorned in various hues of blue. With its inviting Atlantic waves and expansive sandy shores, Essaouira has become a magnet for surf enthusiasts, complemented by its laid-back, bohemian ambiance. Beyond its natural allure, the town has transformed into a destination in its own right, featuring a curated selection of stylish galleries, boutiques, and inviting places to stay and dine. Whether opting for an early spring beach retreat or a Moroccan escape off the well-trodden path, Essaouira offers a distinct and appealing experience.

Best stay options:

Nestled on the periphery of the Medina, Villa Maroc stands as a delightful riad, encompassing four 18th-century houses. With 21 uniquely adorned rooms and suites, including a couple of two-bedroom family suites, Villa Maroc provides an enchanting accommodation option for those seeking a memorable stay.

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March invites you to explore a diverse range of destinations, each offering a unique blend of culture, nature, and adventure. Whether you seek the charm of European cities, the tranquility of island getaways, or the excitement of an African safari, these recommendations provide a starting point for a mesmerizing travel experience. Pack your bags and embark on a March adventure that promises unforgettable moments and a lifetime of memories.

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